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Smoked, Blacked out Look

If you are looking for that smoked or, blacked-out look but you’d also like to add some brightness through a modern LED along with a unique light pattern, then the MP Concepts LED Rear Side Marker Lights might just be worth a look.

Brighter than OEM for Additional Safety

An excellent way to improve both the appearance and safety of your 2015-2017 Mustang is by installing a pair of MP Concepts Smoked Rear Side Marker Lights. These MP Concept LED Side Marker Lights replace the weak factory incandescent lights with a strip of super-bright LEDs for increased visibility day or night.

Modern Electronics with Super Bright LED Technology

Unlike the factory markers that utilize a single goal incandescent bulb, the MP options are going to utilize a high-intensity LED strip that is going to illuminate down the center of the marker itself. These Marker Lights employee high output red LEDs for super bright illumination. MP Concepts ensures that their Lights are tightly sealed to prevent dirt and moisture from harming the state-of-the-art electronics found inside.

Smoked Polycarbonate Lens

these MP Concept Rear Side Marker Lights feature smoked polycarbonate lenses for both good looks and protection from stone chips.

Durable, Injected Molded ABS Plastic Housings

The rear side marker lights are manufactured with injected molded ABS plastic housings. Those high-intensity LEDs are going to be housed in the ABS plastic base here along the backside before being topped off in this very dark-smoked, almost black, polycarbonate lens.

Simple, Plug and Play Installation

MP Concepts designed their LED Side Marker Lights to be a direct plug and play upgrade for your Mustang’s original factory lights. There is no cutting, splicing or resistors required. Just pop out the old factory side markers and disconnect the wiring harness. Plug the harness into the back of the new LED Side Markers and snap them in place of the old ones. Includes Driver and Passenger Rear Side Markers

Fits All 2015-2017 Ford Mustang Models

These MP Concepts Smoked Rear Side Marker Lights are designed to fit all 2015-2017 Mustangs including the V6, EcoBoost, GT and Shelby GT350 models. The MP Concepts Rear LED Side Markers that we have here will appeal to all 2015 through ’17 Mustang owners who want to completely black out the markers themselves while at the same time adding some unique LED lighting in the process.