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Three Slot Open Louver Design

MP Concepts Quarter Window Louvers is one of the easiest appearance modifications you can make to your 2015-2020 Fastback Mustang if you’re looking for a modern spin on a very classic part that we see on some of the older cars from the ’60s and ’70s.

With a three-slot open louver design, these Louvers will give your S550 Mustang bold, muscular styling while still allowing you to see clearly out of your c-pillar windows.

Glossy Black Finish 

These Quarter Window Louvers with the smooth glossy black finish gives an aggressive and stylish look to the side profiles of the vehicle.

Durable, Lightweight ABS Construction

MP Concepts Quarter Window Louvers are manufactured from injection molded acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic. The acrylonitrile in ABS provides chemical and thermal stability, while the butadiene adds toughness and strength. The styrene gives the finished polymer a nice, glossy finish. ABS has a low melting point, which enables its easy use in the injection molding process and 3D printing. It also has high tensile strength and is very resistant to physical impacts and chemical corrosion, which allow the finished plastic to withstand heavy use and adverse environmental conditions.

Straight Forward Peel and Stick Installation

To break away from mundane quarter window styling, this pair of MP Concepts Louvers has been constructed for installation inside of the factory window trim, delivering a sleek, seamless visual appeal which takes up only 30 minutes or less. Attaching directly to the window glass, these louvers utilize automotive-grade 3M bonding tape for a durable and secure fit. As per the tools needed, a pair of scissors or snips would be enough to cut the 3M to the size of the backing. 3M automotive tape is specifically made for the use on the exterior of cars, so that it’s ensured that it is heat resistant, weather-resistant and holds up all year round regardless of the climate. 

First of all wipe the stripes where 3M is going to be taped using the alcohol wipes provided with the kit. Just clean the surface, peel the backing and stick in place.

When installing exterior quarter window louvers or scoops on your Mustang, it is recommended to add a set of quarter window blackout decals to hide the ugly backside that wasn’t meant to be seen by human eyes.

Sold as a set of two, one driver side and one passenger side.

Fits 2015-2020 Fastback Mustang Models

These gloss Black Quarter Window Louvers are specifically designed for installation on 2015-2020 Mustang Fastbacks, including V6, EcoBoost, GT, and GT350 models. Not compatible with convertibles or the 50th Anniversary models with the louvered quarter window glass.